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23 Sep


13 Sep


Sixty more cards have left the nest.  Thirty have gone to a friend in the Dallas, Texas area.  She’s going to share part of them with a friend in New York and somewhere else (but I forgot where and its been one of those crazy days).  Ten are off to the Houston, Texas area.  Twenty have been shared around the Austin, Texas area.  I think my math is right.

Anyway, I’ve gotten a couple of comments.  One card, A132, was found yesterday morning and was re-shared about 30 miles away later that afternoon!  Another card, A138, was found this morning and she said she planned on sharing it also!  What fun I’m having.

Oh, and I never posted a photo…so here you go:

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Thoughts on Memory and Creativity by Ruth Meharg

28 Jun

Bright Ideas Collective

Hello friends! Today we have the honor of having the very accomplished artist and illustrator, Ruth Meharg as our guest blogger. Ruth and her husband Matt are living abroad in Europe and having many marvelous adventures. We loved hearing her thoughts about creativity and making last memories, and we think you will too. Enjoy!

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We all have thousands of snapshots. They fill our phones, computers, backup drives and clouds. Years and years of photos snapped in a hurry and then forgotten pile up in digital databases. It’s easy to think that taking a photo will help us remember a moment, but instead looking at the world through a screen often takes us out of the moment. Sometimes trusting the camera to remember for us makes the moment more forgettable in the long run.

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Want To But Can’t – The One Christian Demographic Being Continually Ignored by Christians Re: Marriage

19 May

I am not ignoring you!!!! i am shocked and dismayed at the number of INCREDIBLE women friends that I have in the church who are single when they had planned and hoped to marry. It is something I have watched and prayed about for the last fifteen years. Part of me wonders if gender hierarchy is not at the root with the men seeing and getting to know beautiful strong women who they admire but subconsciously don’t fit the gender role model.

Honestly, I am still shocked that I ever married, much less stayed married and had kids. My oldest is 25 and my youngest is nine. There are four more in the middle and some days I look around and wonder how I got here. I would say, “By the grace of God.” but that would imply that GOd’s grace was not sufficient for my single sisters.

Please know that I love you and admire the way you have made a place for yourself and friends outside of the Focus on the Family model. Sometimes, please, invite me to join you. It is nice to sometimes be other than mom or wife. And drop in any time. I gave up inviting people over years ago. I promise to make you a pot of tea and clear off a spot on the sofa.

Much love and respect, Gwen

Christian Pundit

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